The essence of Italian cooking is simplicity, with most of dishes having only a few fresh authentic  ingredients.  This is why our cooks rely chiefly on the quality and authenticity of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation albeit some dishes involves a whole day of preparing. Ingredients and dishes are carefully selected by region to offer our customers a slice of Italy.




Most traditional Italian meals start off with light meats, vegetables, or cheeses, and progress through at least four different courses that involve a heavier "entree" meal and light snacks. A dessert option is typically offered as well, once the conversation has begun to wind down and guests are beginning to transition to dessert wines or coffees. The best way to judge the success of an Italian meal is by the level of conversation that it encourages.



The most important aspect of our Italian cooking is the use of fresh and high quality ingredients. We are committed  to create dishes that satisfy the eyes, the tastebuds and the belly with based on the superior taste brought to the table by crisp, high-quality culinary components. Therefore our cooks are more likely to prioritise flavour over cost, and will go for the better option rather than the most purse-friendly.

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our story

authentic italian cuisine


our story

considered central to the diet known worldwide as the Mediterranean diet. Wine, olive oil and bread, then, plus healthy helpings of vegetables, legumes and cheese: this is what the people of Rome would eat on daily basis.


Nowdays in Italy , things are a bit different: Italians care deeply about their  family’s cooking traditions,  grandmas and grandpa recipes are passed on with care and pride, a symbol itself of one’s own heritage and roots. Some are more aware than others of regional differences between dishes, but it is not usual, when it comes to the kitchen, to look further back than a couple of generations: the Italian knowledge of why something is  cooked in a certain way and why certain things are eaten together is normally based on oral sources and therefore have a limited timespan.


At Roma we recreate a bit of the monumental variaty of dishes and combinations of foods and drinks from all over Italy, in the most traditional way, in an environment that ilustrates a typical Roman household.